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A community-editable collection of methods, guides, and other resources.

An Introduction to SAGE MATH Computer Algebra

A brief introduction, installation guide, and list of references for the free, libre, open-source Sage Math computer algebra system.

See our online Sage demos and try out Sage Math for free online.

Differential Equation and Numerical Methods Prime . The purpose of this document is to act as a stand-alone tutorial on the application of Euler’s Method to solve initial-value differential equation problems. Secondarily, this document will review the scheme by which differential equations are classified and provide an introduction to more accurate (and more computationally-intensive) higher-order Runge-Kutta methods.

    • Process Dynamics. simultaneous unsteady mass balances - growth kinetics examples

MS Excel Solver Tutorial

Generating high quality images for publication within a specified size limit


Dr. C's Statistics Training Manual

Statistical concepts and definitions; practical guide to implementing the T-test, F-test, and Chi-square statistical tests.

ANOVA - Definitions of the elements of an ANOVA table.

Paper written on using ANOVA for Model Descrimination (Knowing when you have enough adjustable parameters)

Here is a 2013 ANOVA youtube video I recorded for ANOVA that is focused on understanding the conecpt - beyond the MECHANICS of filling out the table.

Critical Values for the Student's T-Distribution:

Critical Values for the F-distribution (ANOVA F-test):