Advising Resources

Advising Appointments

For a general engineering advising appointment, use the Appointment Request System.

For advising from Dr. Curtis, use the following guidelines:

  1. For quick questions, you may gChat him using biomole360[at]

  2. For 'slow' questions, do one of the following:

    • Send your detailed yet succinct questions to the aforementioned or his official PSU e-mail and copy april.hile[at] to assure you get a (reasonably) timely response.

    • Request an appointment per his availability and procedure HERE

  3. Things that will be rendered generally ineffective:

    • Drop by unannounced whenever it is convenient for YOU.

    • E-mail his official Penn State e-mail without CCing April (she gets 20+ e-mails a day; he gets 300... feel free to try your odds)

    • Leave a phone voicemail; they are very intermittently checked (noting that voicemail goes to 300+/day e-mail!!!).

General Topics Related to ChE & the Undergraduate Experience

These are video recordings generated based on Dr. Curtis' lectures for First-Year Seminar Courses

Understanding Chemical Engineering Options & more.

Clubs & Organizations quality, not quantity

Study & Travel Abroad Opportunities an off the beaten path philosophy

Time Management using technology wisely; google drive, calendars, ToDo lists, etc.

Scholarships Awards & other Merit badges