Brice Leidy

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I was born in Wellington, Florida but raised in York Pennsylvania. I attended 3 semesters at Penn State York where I was the only chemical engineer in my graduating class there. I reinstated the PSY Student Athletic Club and became a member of the Graham Fellows Program, only offered through York. I also interned at MRG laboratories until I transferred to Main Campus. Once there, I spent a lot of my first semester exploring every building I could, because COVID classes left most of them empty. Beginning of my Junior year, I began working at the ShandyGaff Saloon, which was a wild ride and I would recommend working at a bar to anyone during college. I joined CurtisLab at the end of my junior year, and look forward to focusing on school and the work I do in my upcoming senior year and beyond.

Research Project

Algae Biofuels ... more to come ;)