Resources We Love

American Instrument Exchange

Used lab supplies and equipment from Haverill, MA,


Free and functional microbiology software.


Free, easy integration to gmail; never forget to follow-up.

Caisson Laboratories

7-Way Trays, GA-7s, B caps,...they're the 'go-to' for all things plants.

DigiKey Electronics

DIY 'candy store', resistors, capacitors; all things electronic.

CurtisLab GitHub

Collaborative, open-source repository; powers

HiTech Trader

Total treasure trove...recirculating chillers, G2 shakers, you-name-it courtesy of a PSU alumnus (WE ARE!)

Kens Fish

Great source of inexpensive spargers that are a step up from the crappily-glued-together-sand versions...pumps as well.

Lab Recyclers

Used lab supplies and equipment from Frederick, MD.


Free reference manager and PDF organizer; saves hours on bibliographies; literature and notes sharing.

PhytoTech Labs

Plant tissue culture hormones; Good prices and tested by people who know plants =)


Lab management; Intuitive design; seamless integration with eBuy; effortless quotes for unbeatable pricing

Sage Math

Free, open-source math software.

Top Bulb

For that crazy bulb that you just can't find.

US Plastics Store

Tubings, fittings, etc.


General lab supplies; A standby for over 20 years...hard to snub your nose at 40% discount!

Wayback Machine

Archives the whole internet!