Grace Bowman

My name is Grace Ann Bowman and I am from Waco, Texas. I am a Sophomore majoring in Biology and minoring in Psychology, aspiring to become a Genetics Counselor. This passion of mine began at the age of 14, and I have been striving towards it ever since. I am involved in the Navigators Ministry group on campus and volunteer around the community. I enjoy running, dancing, and traveling.

Research Project

Assist with gene segregation assessments in transgenic plants. More specifically, plant genetic transformations result in a random insertion of the T-DNA, which is often multiple copies. To achieve a homozygous transgenic requires segregation to the hemizygous single-gene copy state followed by 'selfing'. We are using PCR and digital PCR to compare gene copy number to a known single gene copy (systemin) as basis of making these assessments. I will also be involved in the genetic transformations and the collection, cleaning and drying of seed into a seed inventory.