Trevor McLeigh

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I grew up just outside of Pittsburgh in a town called Murrysville, PA. I spent my first year at Penn State Behrend in Erie, PA, where I did not encounter any other chemical engineers. Throughout my second semester there and the following summer, I worked for the school in a contract-based industrial engineering position, in which I would take on projects for companies that asked the school for help involving Industry 4.0 and robotics. After that year I transferred to the University Park campus to be able to finish my degree, and I am currently in my second semester as a sophomore. I joined CurtisLab at the very end of this past semester, and have also recently picked up a position as the Mentorship chair of Penn State AIChE as well as part of the logistics committee of PSUSPA. I am very excited to see where this semester leads me in all of these new endeavors.

Research Project

Working with Brice Leidy to pass the tourch on the algae biofuels project. More specifically, try to utilize axenic Botryococcus braunii cultures to identify the last remaning methyl-transferase of the unique algae hydrocarbon, botryococeene.