ARPA-e Innovation Summit 2012

The ARPA-E Innovation Summit is a BIG event that included speakers such as Bill Gates, Bill Clinton Steven Chu, and others. Sseveral of the keynote speakers' talks are online. Dr. Curtis and John Pisciota presented a poster and demonstration table that was part of a several hundred table exhibition showcase for the summit.

Technology Handout Sheets

2012-02-26_Autotrophinator Handout Description.pdf


A device for quantitative measurements of growth kinetics and yield under autotrophic conditions. This includes 'electrolysis on demand' delivery of gas based on constant pressure in the vessel.
2012-02-26_Biocathode Handout Description.pdf


A microbial cathode which has demonstrated the ability of microorganisms from marine sediments to accept electrons as a energy source to fix CO2.

Optical Cell Density

This OD flow cell has been developed to obtain culture density information in an actively growing culture non-invasively up to a very high densities (15+ gDW/L).

Plastic Bag Bioreactor

To keep capital and operating costs low, we proposal to use a Low-Cost Plastic Bag Trickle Bioreactor system. We have numerous patents that cover the basic design and operation of such a simple but scalable bioreactor system.

Video Demonstrations

Burning Botryococcus algae


OD Flow Cell


Video Demonstrations

Curtis, W.R., Growing cells in a reservoir formed of a flexible sterile plastic liner, U.S. Patent # 6,709,862, March 23, 2004.

Curtis, W.R., Method and apparatus for aseptic growth or processing of biomass, U.S. Patent # 6,245,555, June 12, 2001.