Silver Anniversary of Wayne's World - 25 Years

Post date: Dec 20, 2013 7:50:50 PM

Today is the completion of 25 years as a professor at Penn State ... literally to the day, I arrived driving through the night with plant cell cultures in tow ... to a lab that I had started up with two graduate students as I was finishing up the writing of my own thesis at Purdue: Curtis, W. R. 1988. Kinetics of phosphate limited growth of poppy plant suspension cultures. Ph.D. thesis, Purdue University, Lafayette, IN.

Here is an image of the original Wayne's World Logo ... (one of the first laboratory web pages at Penn State)

In looking for this ... i found many pictures that date back over the years ... (though the earliest are still 33mm slides ... someday I will have time to reminisce ... but things are too crazy busy at the moment.

Thanks to all ... for the exceptional highs and dismal lows ... as the one cant appreciate one without the other.