Dr Curtis gives Oct / Nov Seminars at NorthEastern / Ohio State

Post date: Nov 25, 2013 11:2:51 PM

Oct. 9th seminar at NorthEastern (joint with ChE and Chemistry) hosted by Carolyn Lee-Parsons included a trip to the Deer-Island waste water treatment plant, then to UMass General and UMass Amherst to check up on other collaborations; included a hammock overnight near North-South lake Catskills to catch the changing leaf colors ... up close.

Nov 21-22nd seminar trip to Ohio State, hosted by John Finer included touring the Wooster 'Ag campus' (2hrs North of Columbus) including the 'natural rubber' pilot plant which has been set up under the direction of Katrina Cornish to harvest natural rubber from dandelions!