Dr.C. on the Mend

Post date: Aug 21, 2018 6:29:32 PM

In part to not have to explain this 1000x ....

During a lab organization (ironially) to improve safety in our cramped windowless dungeon of a temp lab in Greenberg ...

A glassware cabinet door fell off track and hacked into my hand.

Apparently I did not rank the pain level high enough to warrant an x-ray at the hospital, when they sewed it up.

Upon taking stitches .. numbness in hand = nerve damage, so they took x-ray and discovered thumb fractured in several places! Not excited about me still commuting by bike every day. July surgery included sewing together nerve and a 'nerve tube' ... not sure accomplished much, but at least the hand is functional for critical life functions ;)

If you don't like blood, I spared you the 'bloody injury' pics. Personally found this interesting and even got to watch stitches, and ultra-sound weaving a nerve block catheter into nerve bundle under my clavicle for surgery.