Double Digits! CurtisLab's 10th Publication of 2015 Accepted!

Post date: Dec 16, 2015 4:4:53 AM

A culmination of FIVE years of iterations on reactor designs with numerous unforeseen obstacles along the way, CurtisLab's manuscript, A Temporary Immersion Plant Propagation Bioreactor with Decoupled Gas and Liquid Flows for Enhanced Control of Gas Phase, was accepted to Biotechnology Progress. It details development of our Hy-TIB reactor, a Hydrostatically-driven Temporary Immersion Bioreactor that emphasizes low-cost scaleability for plant propagation, which is essential given their generally miniscule pricing. Current research involves its scale-up with collaborations in Africa towards propagation of Dioscorea (yam--not sweet potato--) to help feed millions. Sergio Florez, Matt Curtis, and Sydney Shaw spent COUNTLESS hours with massive the assistance of Nate Hamaker---not to mention the venerable Jeff Larsen.