Curtis named Wiley Research Fellow

Post date: May 31, 2017 12:51:53 AM

Dr. Curtis has been named as a Wiley Research Fellow--the 19th to date--at Pacific Northwest National Lab's "sister" facility, the Environmental Molecular Scientific Laboratory (EMSL). With his 2016-17 sabbatical at PNNL, EMSL quickly realized that Dr. Curtis' breadth of knowledge, hypothesis-driven experimental design, and intensity made him well-suited to continue in an advisory capacity; Wiley fellows, so named for William A. Wiley who conceptualized the EMSL national scientific user facility, are designated with the responsibility to "expected to actively contribute to the success of EMSL as a user facility including support of EMSL and the user program beyond their own specific research projects. Examples include participation on EMSL advisory committees, participation on partner proposals for development of new capabilities, acting as a scientific consultant for users, advocacy for EMSL and its capabilities in the scientific community and assistance/support of a broad range of EMSL user activities."

PNNL announcement HERE

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