Marena Trauger

Marena Trauger


I am a senior in the Schreyer Honors college, majoring in Chemical Engineering. I am from Allentown, Pennsylvania and I joined CurtisLab in Fall of 2017. On campus, I am an active member of Lion Scouts, Yoga Club, and Schreyer for Women. I also enjoy participating in consulting case competitions. In my free time, I enjoy watching movies and petting as many dogs as possible.


I have been working on the use of temporary immersion bioreactors (TIBs) for the use of plant propagation with a focus on the white yam. I have also been working towards an “axenic” whitefly via surface sterilization to achieve a higher organism that can perpetuate in an aseptic environment. Additionally, I have been studying the circadian clock in drosophila to target genes that could be later used in a conditional lethal system for whiteflies in relation to the DARPA project.


2017 Tutoring Award, 2016 President’s Freshman Award, Highest Cumulative Average Award, and 2016 First-Year Chemistry Award

Contact Information:

Phone: 610-297-5713