Advising Resources  

Advising Appointments
For a general engineering advising appointment, use the Appointment Request System
For advising from Dr. Curtis, use the following guidelines:
  1. For quick questions, you may gChat him using biomole360[at]
  2. For 'slow' questions, do one of the following:
    1. Send your detailed yet succinct questions to the aforementioned or his official PSU e-mail. However, since this e-mail is generally rendered ineffective by virtue of receiving 300+ e-mails daily, an effective approach is to send an accompanying gChat such as 'I sent you an e-mail with some advising questions. Please respond when you get a chance". Do not hesitate to gChat this every 24 hours or until you receive a response.
    2. Request an appointment on his calendar at least 48 hours in advance. 
      1. Appointment Times: Dr. Curtis is generally here from 10am until midnight as well as weekends. Thus, he is NOT unavailable ... just overwhelmed with other things. 
      2. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP): To request an appointment time, you must (1) go to YOUR google calendar; (2) create an 'event'; (3) call it "Advising Appointment-<<First & Last name>>; (4) in the details, provide specific topics/questions to ensure a productive, efficient meeting, and (5) under 'invite guests', invite biomole360[at]
  3. Things you should NOT do:
    1. Drop by unannounced whenever it is convenient for YOU.
    2. E-mail his official Penn State e-mail expecting a quick response (note that Dr. Curtis runs experimental research and spends a lot of time in lab, not on computer).  
    3. Leave a phone voicemail; they are very intermittently checked (noting that voicemail goes to email !!!).  

General Topics Related to ChE & The Undergraduate Experience
 These are video recordings generated based on Dr. Curtis' lectures for First-Year Seminar Courses
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