Student Resources

Tools & Tutorials

        An Introduction to SAGE MATH Computer Algebra
A brief introduction, installation guide, and list of references for the free, libre, open-source Sage Math computer algebra system.
Try out Sage Math for free online with your Google, Yahoo, or OpenID credentials.

        Differential Equation and Numerical Methods Primer
The purpose of this document is to act as a stand-alone tutorial on the application of Euler’s Method to solve initial-value differential equation problems.  Secondarily, this document will review the scheme by which differential equations are classified and provide an introduction to more accurate (and more computationally-intensive) higher-order Runge-Kutta methods.

        Process Dynamics
simultaneous unsteady mass balances - growth kinetics examples


        Dr. C's Statistics Training Manual
Statistical concepts and definitions; practical guide to implementing the T-test, F-test, and Chi-square statistical tests.

ANOVA -  Definitions of the elements of an ANOVA table.  
Paper written on using ANOVA for Model Descrimination (Knowing when you have enough adjustable parameters)

Critical Values for the Student's T-Distribution:   
Critical Values for the F-distribution (ANOVA F-test):