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Vendor/ResourceResource TypeLocationRationale
Vendor/ResourceResource TypeLocationRationale
Quartzy Lab Management Online Intuitive design; seamless integration with eBuy; effortless quotes for unbeatable pricing 
Top Bulb Lab Supplies: for that crazy bulb you just can't find East Chicago, IN Some very special fluorescent spectrum bulbs for growing Rhodobacter and UV sterilization etc.  
Ken's Fish Lab Supplies: aquarium equipment Taunton, MA Great source of inexpensive spargers that are a step up from the crappily-glued-together-sand versions...pumps as well.  
Caisson Laboratories Lab Supplies: all things plant  7-Way Trays, GA-7s, B caps,...they're the 'go-to' 
American Instrument Exchange Lab supplies: used lab equipment Haverill, MA  
Phytotechnology Laboratoties Lab Supplies: plant tissue culture hormones  Good prices and tested by people who know plants =) 
VWR Lab Supplies: general Online A standby for over 20 years...hard to snub your nose at 40% discount 
Lab Recyclers Lab Supplies: used lab equipment Frederick, MD When we worked to set up an SBIR laboratory and research site, these guys were awesome to hook us up with everything from glassware, balances, cabinets etc.  
HiTechTrader Lab Supplies: used lab equipment Mt. Holly, NJ Total treasure trove...recirculating chillers, G2 shakers, you-name-it courtesy of a PSU alumnus (WE ARE!) 
Digikey Lab Supplies: all things electronic Online DIY 'candy store', resistors, capacitors 
U.S. Plastics Lab Supplies: tubing, fittings Online  
SnapGene Software: Molecular Biology Online Nate Hamaker swears by it... manually aligned 200 contigs with it. 
Benchling Software: Molecular Biology Online FREE & Functional 
Mendeley Software: Reference manager & PDF organizer Online FREE: Saves hours on bibliographies; literature & note sharing 
rchiveIT Online Tool: self-archiving Online Keeps out of jail! (checks publication copyright policies) 
Wayback Machine Online Tool: Archives the whole internet! Online ...back to the Future! 
Github Online Tool: repository Online collaborative, open-source; powers 
Sage Math Online Tool: Math Software Online free, open-source 
Boomerang Online Tool: e-mail follow-up/reminders Online Free, easy integration to gmail; never forget to follow-up 
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