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2016 Enhancement of Somatic Embryogenesis in Theobroma caca using Phtyocyanin-like-1 Arabinogalactan (PLA) Protein Domains Online M.S. Tina Lai N/A 
2015 Improving process efficiency of algae-based biofuel and bioproduct production using metabolism-based pH control Online PhD. Jun Wang alGene, startup at DOE/ASU AzCATI, Mesa, AZ 
2015 Improving plant propagation through the manipulation of the genetic and physical environment Online PhD. Sergio  Florez Paragon Bioservices, Baltimore, MD 
2015 Methods for enhancing somatic embryogenesis in Theobroma cacao Online UG Honors Rachel Erwin Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Tarrytown, NY 
2015 Development of biological platform for the autotrophic production of biofuels Online PhD. Nymul Khan Aquaponics in Bangladesh 
2014 Advancing Rhodobacter sphaeroides for Functional Expression of Medically and Industrially Relevant Membrane Proteins Online PhD. Mustafa Erbakan Bozok Universitesi, Turkey 
2014 The Process Design and Economic Analysis of a Farm-scale System for Producing Ethanol and Hydrocarbon (botryococcene) Fuels from a Lignocellulosic Substrate Online UG Honors Patrick Hillery  
2014 Application of two different fungal species for biological pretreatment in an integrated lignocellulosic biofuels paradigm Online UG Honors Taylor Maher  
2014 Engineering a microbial consortium for lignocellulosic biofuel production Online PhD. Trevor Zuroff Shell Oil 
2014 A Medium Throughput Screening Device With Online Growth Data Collection of Multiple Small Volume Gas Phase Bioreactors Online UG Honors John 'Reed' Taylor Regeneron 
2013 Development of optimization procedure for the expression of the membrane protein Aquaporin in Rhodobacter sphaeroides Online UG Honors Manuel SE  Espinoza  
2013 The scaled-up process design and economic analysis of an electrofuels platform for producing botryococcene as an alternative transportation fuel Online UG Honors John Myers  
2013 Establishment and Maintenance of Axenic Botryococcus braunii race B Algae Culture Online UG Honors Justin Yoo UCSB PhD Candidate, NSF Fellowship 
2013 A continuous bioreactor to study the persistence of extracellular biofuel candidate molecules in a non-axenic algae culture Online UG Honors Christine Taylor  
2013 Cloning of insecticidal BT genes for application to protection of mushrooms from fungus gnats Online UG Honors Matt Curtis Cal Tech, PhD Candidate 
2013 Novel temporary immersion bioreactor allows the manipulation of headspace composition to improve plant tissue propagation Online UG Honors Matt Curtis CalTech PhD. Candidate 
2012 An improved temporary immersion bioreactor design for plant tissue culture propagation Online UG Honors Sydney Shaw Sanofi (Genzyme) Cambridge, MA 
2012 Achieving pH control through stoichiometrically balanced media in algal photobioreactors Online M.S. Megerle Scherholz  
2011 An assessment of photosynthetic biofuels and electrofuels technologies under rate-limited conditions Online M.S. Amalie Tuerk U. Delaware, PhD Candidate, NSF Fellow 
2011 Development of Agaricus bisporus as a platform for heterologous expression of biopharmaceuticals Online UG Honors Ben Woolston MIT, PhD Candidate 
2011 Engineering high-level transient expression of heterologous proteins in plant cell suspensions and hairy roots  Online PhD. Jeffrey Larsen DOWpont 
2011 Development of Rhodobacter for the production of functional membrane proteins Online UG Honors Brandon Curtis UC-Berkley, PhD Candidate 
2010 A bioprocessing comparision of high-density Botryococcus braunii and CHlorella vulgaris verifying light-limited growth Online M.S. Lisa Grady  
2010 Photobioreactor control algorithms in labview utilizing algae bag reactors Online UG Honors Adam Nebzydoski Veterinary School 
2009 Kinetics of Geobacter growth with different electron acceptors Online UG Honors Christopher Justin  
2006 Agrobacterium-mediated transient protein expression in plant cell suspension and root cultures PSU CAT PhD. Jason Collens  
2005 Transient expression of therapeutic proteins and oxygen transport limitations in plant tissue culture Online UG Honors Amalie Tuerk  
2005 The cumulative and sublethal effects of turbulence on erythrocytes in a stirred-tank model PSU CAT UG Honors Brian Werner UVA Orthopedics 
2005 Phosphate-related colonization of root cultures by the arbuscular fungus Glomus intraradices PSU CAT PhD. Benjamin Wong  
2005   M.S. Kristin O'Neill Merck 
2004 Application of Metabolic Flux Analysis toward resource allocation in germinating seeds PSU CAT UG Honors John Mendenhall  
2004 Growth of transgenic tobacco cell cultures for calf vaccination against pathogenic Escherichia coli PSU CAT UG Honors Anne Marie Schilthuis  
2003 Modeling drug extraction using triblock copolymer solvents PSU CAT UG Honors Stephen Guepet  
2003 Development and characterization of agrobacteria auxotrophs using suicide vector mutagenesis PSU CAT UG Honors Amy Seeman  
2003 Development of transgenic plants and plant tissue via agrobacterium PSU CAT UG Honors Jennifer Stick  
2003 Therapeutic protein expressions system in transgenic N. glutinosa tissue culture PSU CAT UG Honors Laura Sailer  
2003 Expression of virus replication genes in Transgenic N. benthamiana tissue culture PSU CAT UG Honors Greg Thurber  
2003 Gene gun genetic transformation PSU CAT UG Honors Julie Fisher  
2002 Bioreactor design for nutraceutical production from germiniating seeds PSU CAT UG Honors Christopher Hildebrand  
2002 Construction of a GUS-intron gene for transient protein expression studies in plant tissue culture PSU CAT UG Honors Karen Jerardi  
2002 Influence of root culture morphology on liquid holdup and trickle-bed bioreactor design PSU CAT UG Honors Wigoda Christopher  
2001 Use of green fluorescent protein as a reporter of induced biochemical production in Hyoscyamus muticus root cultures PSU CAT PhD. Colleen Merritt  
2001 Design principles for a root culture bubble column bioreactor PSU CAT PhD. Lia Tescione  
2001 Tri-blocl co-polymers as an extraction phase for plant secondary metabolites  PhD. Bernice Perez-Corchado  
2000 Disruption of red blood cells due to turbulence PSU CAT UG Honors Sara Leister  
2000 Modeling carbon dioxide gas transport dynamics in cell culture to predict oxygen mass transfer PSU CAT UG Honors Kenneth Urish  
2000 Physiological effects of auxin transport inhibitiors on root hair development to reduce bioreactor flow resistance PSU CAT UG Honors Dai Shen  
2000 Sub-lethal effects of turbulence on red blood cells PSU CAT PhD. Abdulhameed Aziz  
1999 Giving hairy roots the blues: cloning the GUS reporter gene into hairy roots PSU CAT UG Honors Casey Anderson  
1999 The effect of elicitation on respiration and growth of plant root cultures PSU CAT PhD. Edgard Bacic de Carvalho  
1999 Continuous flow reactor design for the study of red blood cell disruption PSU CAT UG Honors Amy Hsiao  
1998 Calcium phosphate-mediated transient transfection in Hyoscyamus muticus PSU CAT UG Honors Heather Young Merck 
1998 The development and validation of new sterilization methods for bioreactors PSU CAT UG Honors Tracy Hsiao  
1997 Determination of the effect of relative humidity on root respiration rates in arabidopsis columbia using fluorescent microscopy PSU CAT UG Honors Brindle Ross  
1997 A study of the effects of pore diffusion on reaction rate within bidens pilosus cell aggregates PSU CAT UG Honors David Henninger  
1997 Growth of silverleaf nightshade cultures for the biological control of silverleaf nightshade using Orrina phyllobia PSU CAT UG Honors Jonathan Miller  
1997 Design principles for large-scale growth of root cultures in bioreactors PSU CAT PhD. Divakar Ramakrishnan Eli Lilly 
1997 Development and calibration of Shikonin analysis  UG Honors Albert  Shung  
1996 Nutrient diffusion and uptake from plant tissue culture PSU CAT UG Honors Michelle Brincat 2018 ... raised 3 boys !!! 
1995 Fungal elicitation of plant root cultures application to bioreactor dosage  PhD. Gurmeet Singh  
1995  In situ extraction of secondary metabolites using surfactant mesophases  UG Honors Keith Welp  
1995 ungal elicitation of plant root cultures: application to bioreactor dosage PSU CAT PhD. Gurmeet Singh  
1994 Image and fractal analysis of bioreactor root cultures PSU CAT UG Honors Beth Pearsall  
1994 Design and scale up of ebb-and-flow bioreactor (EFBR) for "hairy root" cultures PSU CAT PhD. Joel Cuello  
1993 Sugar utilization of plant cell and root tissue cultures; carbohydrate utilization by plant root cultures PSU CAT UG Honors Leah Sullivan  
1993 Growth inhibition of Hyoscyamus muticus "Hairy Roots" caused by the production of allelochemicals from beet, potato and trichosanthes kirilowii "Hairy Roots" PSU CAT UG Honors Melissa Baron  
1993 Hydraulic permeability of packed beds of roots PSU CAT UG Honors Sean  Holihan  
1992 Effect of bioreactor design on growth in Agrobacterium transformed "hairy root" cultures of Hyoscyamus muticus PSU CAT UG Honors Scott McKelvey  
1991 In situ extraction of secondary metabolites from Hyoscyamus muticus in a continuous bioreactor PSU CAT UG Honors James Corry  
1991 Reduction of abnormalities in somatic embryos using phosphate limitation; reduction of abnormalities in somatic embryo's using phosphate limitation  UG Honors Sharon Warmbrodt  
1990 Optimization of secondary metabolite production in plant tissue culture  M.S. James Newell  
1990 Study of liquid circulation in loop air-lift bioreactors  M.S. Nicholas Zaharis  
1990 Combined effects of phosphate limitation and fungal elicitation of sesquiterpene production in Agrobacterium transformed "hairy root" cultures of Hyoscyamus muticus  UG Honors David Dunlop  
1988 Kinetics of phosphate limited growth of poppy plant suspension cultures Purdue Library PhD. Wayne Curtis PSU! 
1984 A mathematical model for a vapor deposition reactor PSU CAT UG Honors Wayne Curtis  
 Trickle-bed bioreactors for plant root culture  PhD. Jeffrey Hrivnak  
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