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2021 A Low-Cost Kit for the Purification of a Mannan-Binding Lectin Preventing HIV Transmission David Krum Thesis UG Honors David Krum MIT HG-59 
2021 Development of an Analytic Method to Determine Algae Potential as Industrial Feedstocks for Biofuel Production Hinkal Thesis UG Honors Hinkal Patel  UG-60 
2020 First Principles Airlift Photobioreactor for the Energy Balance of Microalgae for Biofuels Applications Lucas Nugent Thesis UG Honors Lucas Nugent Mars UG-58 
2020 Low-Cost Laboratory Equipment Monitoring and Automation Mike Cover Thesis UG Honors Michael Cover  UG-57 
2019 Temporary Immersion Bioreactors: Developments toward yam propagation and African food security Trauger thesis UG Honors Marena Trauger Merck UG-56 
2019 Hydrocarbon Production of Botryococcus braunii Race B under Varying Culture Conditions Lind Online UG Honors Michael Lind Kimberly Clark UG-55 
2018 Development & Comparison of Potential HIV-Transmission Prevention Proteins Native to Freshwater Cyanobacteria Jones thesis UG Honors Ryan Jones ExxonMobil UG-54 
2017 atATAD Heat Accumulation in Countercurrent Flow, Continuous Phase Sludge Treatment Process to Class A Fertilizer  PhD. Sarah Jean Johnson  MS-08 
2016 Improving Membrane Protein Expression in Rhodobacter sphaeroides Vinogradova thesis UG Honors Olga Vinagradova PhD, Carnegie Mellon UG-53 
2016 Enhancement of Somatic Embryogenesis in Theobroma caca using Phtyocyanin-like-1 Arabinogalactan (PLA) Protein Domains Online M.S. Tina Lai N/A MS-07 
2016 Development of the Marine Cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. PCC 7002 as a Low-Cost Photoautotrophic Protein Production Platform Erik Curtis thesis UG Honors Erik Curtis Merck UG-52 
2016 Rice Embryogenic Protein Production and Distribution Legenski thesis UG Honors Katie Legenski Janssen UG-51 
2016 Development of an Inducible Suicide Vector for the Control of Agrobacterium tumefaciens Hamaker thesis UG Honors Nate Hamaker PhD, U. Delaware UG-50 
2015 Improving process efficiency of algae-based biofuel and bioproduct production using metabolism-based pH control Online PhD. Jun Wang alGene, startup at DOE/ASU AzCATI, Mesa, AZ PhD-18 
2015 Improving plant propagation through the manipulation of the genetic and physical environment Online PhD. Sergio  Florez Ginkgo Biosciences PhD-17 
2015 Methods for enhancing somatic embryogenesis in Theobroma cacao Online UG Honors Rachel Erwin Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Tarrytown, NY UG-49 
2015 Development of biological platform for the autotrophic production of biofuels Online PhD. Nymul Khan Aquaponics in Bangladesh PhD-16 
2014 Advancing Rhodobacter sphaeroides for Functional Expression of Medically and Industrially Relevant Membrane Proteins Online PhD. Mustafa Erbakan Bozok Universitesi, Turkey PhD-15 
2014 The Process Design and Economic Analysis of a Farm-scale System for Producing Ethanol and Hydrocarbon (botryococcene) Fuels from a Lignocellulosic Substrate Online UG Honors Patrick Hillery  UG-48 
2014 Application of two different fungal species for biological pretreatment in an integrated lignocellulosic biofuels paradigm Online UG Honors Taylor Maher  UG-47 
2014 Engineering a microbial consortium for lignocellulosic biofuel production Online PhD. Trevor Zuroff Shell Oil PhD-14 
2014 A Medium Throughput Screening Device With Online Growth Data Collection of Multiple Small Volume Gas Phase Bioreactors Online UG Honors John 'Reed' Taylor Regeneron UG-46 
2013 Development of optimization procedure for the expression of the membrane protein Aquaporin in Rhodobacter sphaeroides Online UG Honors Manuel SE  Espinoza Merck UG-45 
2013 The scaled-up process design and economic analysis of an electrofuels platform for producing botryococcene as an alternative transportation fuel Online UG Honors John Myers  UG-44 
2013 Establishment and Maintenance of Axenic Botryococcus braunii race B Algae Culture Online UG Honors Justin Yoo UCSB PhD Candidate, NSF Fellowship UG-43 
2013 A continuous bioreactor to study the persistence of extracellular biofuel candidate molecules in a non-axenic algae culture Online UG Honors Christine Taylor  UG-42 
2013 Cloning of insecticidal BT genes for application to protection of mushrooms from fungus gnats Online UG Honors Matt Curtis Cal Tech, PhD Candidate UG-41 
2013 Novel temporary immersion bioreactor allows the manipulation of headspace composition to improve plant tissue propagation Online UG Honors Matt Curtis CalTech PhD. Candidate UG-40 
2012 An improved temporary immersion bioreactor design for plant tissue culture propagation Online UG Honors Sydney Shaw Sanofi (Genzyme) Cambridge, MA UG-39 
2012 Achieving pH control through stoichiometrically balanced media in algal photobioreactors Online M.S. Megerle Scherholz  MS-06 
2011 An assessment of photosynthetic biofuels and electrofuels technologies under rate-limited conditions Online M.S. Amalie Tuerk U. Delaware, PhD Candidate, NSF Fellow MS-05 
2011 Development of Agaricus bisporus as a platform for heterologous expression of biopharmaceuticals Online UG Honors Ben Woolston MIT, PhD Candidate UG-38 
2011 Engineering high-level transient expression of heterologous proteins in plant cell suspensions and hairy roots  Online PhD. Jeffrey Larsen DOWpont PhD-13 
2011 Development of Rhodobacter for the production of functional membrane proteins Online UG Honors Brandon Curtis Radar Relay UG-37 
2010 A bioprocessing comparision of high-density Botryococcus braunii and CHlorella vulgaris verifying light-limited growth Online M.S. Lisa Grady  MS-04 
2010 Photobioreactor control algorithms in labview utilizing algae bag reactors Online UG Honors Adam Nebzydoski Veterinary School UG-36 
2009 Kinetics of Geobacter growth with different electron acceptors Online UG Honors Christopher Justin  UG-35 
2006 Agrobacterium-mediated transient protein expression in plant cell suspension and root cultures PSU CAT PhD. Jason Collens  PhD-12 
2005 Transient expression of therapeutic proteins and oxygen transport limitations in plant tissue culture Online UG Honors Amalie Tuerk  UG-34 
2005 The cumulative and sublethal effects of turbulence on erythrocytes in a stirred-tank model PSU CAT UG Honors Brian Werner UVA Orthopedics UG-33 
2005 Phosphate-related colonization of root cultures by the arbuscular fungus Glomus intraradices PSU CAT PhD. Benjamin Wong  PhD-11 
2005   M.S. Kristin O'Neill Merck MS-03 
2004 Application of Metabolic Flux Analysis toward resource allocation in germinating seeds PSU CAT UG Honors John Mendenhall  UG-32 
2004 Growth of transgenic tobacco cell cultures for calf vaccination against pathogenic Escherichia coli PSU CAT UG Honors Anne Marie Schilthuis  UG-31 
2003 Modeling drug extraction using triblock copolymer solvents PSU CAT UG Honors Stephen Guepet  UG-30 
2003 Development and characterization of agrobacteria auxotrophs using suicide vector mutagenesis PSU CAT UG Honors Amy Seeman  UG-29 
2003 Development of transgenic plants and plant tissue via agrobacterium PSU CAT UG Honors Jennifer Stick  UG-28 
2003 Therapeutic protein expressions system in transgenic N. glutinosa tissue culture PSU CAT UG Honors Laura Sailer  UG-27 
2003 Expression of virus replication genes in Transgenic N. benthamiana tissue culture PSU CAT UG Honors Greg Thurber  UG-26 
2003 Gene gun genetic transformation PSU CAT UG Honors Julie Fisher  UG-25 
2002 Bioreactor design for nutraceutical production from germiniating seeds PSU CAT UG Honors Christopher Hildebrand  UG-24 
2002 Construction of a GUS-intron gene for transient protein expression studies in plant tissue culture PSU CAT UG Honors Karen Jerardi  UG-23 
2002 Influence of root culture morphology on liquid holdup and trickle-bed bioreactor design PSU CAT UG Honors Wigoda Christopher  UG-22 
2001 Use of green fluorescent protein as a reporter of induced biochemical production in Hyoscyamus muticus root cultures PSU CAT PhD. Colleen Merritt  PhD-10 
2001 Design principles for a root culture bubble column bioreactor PSU CAT PhD. Lia Tescione  PhD-09 
2001 Tri-blocl co-polymers as an extraction phase for plant secondary metabolites  PhD. Bernice Perez-Corchado  PhD-08 
2000 Disruption of red blood cells due to turbulence PSU CAT UG Honors Sara Leister  UG-21 
2000 Modeling carbon dioxide gas transport dynamics in cell culture to predict oxygen mass transfer PSU CAT UG Honors Kenneth Urish  UG-20 
2000 Physiological effects of auxin transport inhibitiors on root hair development to reduce bioreactor flow resistance PSU CAT UG Honors Dai Shen  UG-19 
2000 Sub-lethal effects of turbulence on red blood cells PSU CAT PhD. Abdulhameed Aziz  PhD-07 
1999 Giving hairy roots the blues: cloning the GUS reporter gene into hairy roots PSU CAT UG Honors Casey Anderson  UG-18 
1999 The effect of elicitation on respiration and growth of plant root cultures PSU CAT PhD. Edgard Bacic de Carvalho  PhD-06 
1999 Continuous flow reactor design for the study of red blood cell disruption PSU CAT UG Honors Amy Hsiao  UG-17 
1998 Calcium phosphate-mediated transient transfection in Hyoscyamus muticus PSU CAT UG Honors Heather Young Merck UG-16 
1998 The development and validation of new sterilization methods for bioreactors PSU CAT UG Honors Tracy Hsiao  UG-15 
1997 Determination of the effect of relative humidity on root respiration rates in arabidopsis columbia using fluorescent microscopy PSU CAT UG Honors Brindle Ross  UG-14 
1997 A study of the effects of pore diffusion on reaction rate within bidens pilosus cell aggregates PSU CAT UG Honors David Henninger  UG-13 
1997 Growth of silverleaf nightshade cultures for the biological control of silverleaf nightshade using Orrina phyllobia PSU CAT UG Honors Jonathan Miller  UG-12 
1997 Design principles for large-scale growth of root cultures in bioreactors PSU CAT PhD. Divakar Ramakrishnan Eli Lilly PhD-05 
1997 Development and calibration of Shikonin analysis  UG Honors Albert  Shung  UG-11 
1996 Nutrient diffusion and uptake from plant tissue culture PSU CAT UG Honors Michelle Brincat 2018 ... raised 3 boys !!! UG-10 
1995 Fungal elicitation of plant root cultures application to bioreactor dosage  PhD. Gurmeet Singh  PhD-04 
1995  In situ extraction of secondary metabolites using surfactant mesophases  UG Honors Keith Welp  UG-09 
1995 ungal elicitation of plant root cultures: application to bioreactor dosage PSU CAT PhD. Gurmeet Singh  PhD-3 
1994 Image and fractal analysis of bioreactor root cultures PSU CAT UG Honors Beth Pearsall  UG-08 
1994 Design and scale up of ebb-and-flow bioreactor (EFBR) for "hairy root" cultures PSU CAT PhD. Joel Cuello  PhD-02 
1993 Sugar utilization of plant cell and root tissue cultures; carbohydrate utilization by plant root cultures PSU CAT UG Honors Leah Sullivan  UG-07 
1993 Growth inhibition of Hyoscyamus muticus "Hairy Roots" caused by the production of allelochemicals from beet, potato and trichosanthes kirilowii "Hairy Roots" PSU CAT UG Honors Melissa Baron  UG-06 
1993 Hydraulic permeability of packed beds of roots PSU CAT UG Honors Sean  Holihan  UG-05 
1992 Trickle-bed bioreactors for plant root culture  PhD. Jeffrey Hrivnak  PhD-1 
1992 Effect of bioreactor design on growth in Agrobacterium transformed "hairy root" cultures of Hyoscyamus muticus PSU CAT UG Honors Scott McKelvey  UG-04 
1991 In situ extraction of secondary metabolites from Hyoscyamus muticus in a continuous bioreactor PSU CAT UG Honors James Corry  UG-03 
1991 Reduction of abnormalities in somatic embryos using phosphate limitation; reduction of abnormalities in somatic embryo's using phosphate limitation  UG Honors Sharon Warmbrodt  UG-02 
1990 Optimization of secondary metabolite production in plant tissue culture  M.S. James Newell  MS-02 
1990 Study of liquid circulation in loop air-lift bioreactors  M.S. Nicholas Zaharis  MS-01 
1990 Combined effects of phosphate limitation and fungal elicitation of sesquiterpene production in Agrobacterium transformed "hairy root" cultures of Hyoscyamus muticus  UG Honors David Dunlop  UG-01 
1988 Kinetics of phosphate limited growth of poppy plant suspension cultures Purdue Library PhD. Wayne Curtis PSU! PhD-0 
1984 A mathematical model for a vapor deposition reactor WRC PSU '84 UG UG Honors Wayne Curtis  UG-0 
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