Media Recipes


R2Afor contamination testing
LB - Luria Broth
TB - Terrific Broth
SOC - competant cell prep
YEP - peptone

For Agrobacterium
S-AB - for A. rhizogenes maintenance
YEB - for transient resuspension

For E. coli
M9 - minimal media
CDFB - Carlson Fed-batch Medium

For Rhodobacter
YCC - for routine maintenance
MR26+ - for photo-heterotrophic growth
MR26- - Argonne Lab's defined media for photo-heterotrophic growth
[comparison of Rhodobacter media found throughout literature]

For C. phytofermentans
GS2-UmR - no urea, resazurin, low MOPS
GS2-Um - no urea, low MOPS
MI - 
PC - C, N deficient media

BDM - Bradyrhizobium Defined Medium
Pradellafor NIF Bradyrhizobium

AIC - for Azotobacter Initial Culture Medium
Burk's - for Azotobacter vinelandii diazotrophic growth
SC1 - Serratia marcescens media for chitinase secretion


A+ - for Synechoccus PCC 7002
Cyanidium - for thermophile Galdieria sulphuraria
Bg-11o-HEPES - for Syneochosistisis PCC 6803

For Chlamydomonas reinhardii:
HS - for (slow) phototrophic growth
TP - Chlamy photoautotrophic medium
TAP1 - for rapid heterotrophic growth (may have some precipitation)
TAP2 - TAP1 without precipitate

For Chlorella & Botryococcus:
WFAMC / WFAM-6 (high density)

Saboroud - yeast plating
YPC - growing yeast

For 'white rot' mushrooms
WRF - for 'white rot'  fungi, P. chrysoporium and C. subvermispora
YMPG - slant/liquid for P. chrysoporium
PCMM - P-chry minimal media

For Neurospora crassa
BMM - Bird's Minimal Media
VM - Vogel Media (routine maintenance)

For Rhizoctonia solani
PDA - Potato Dextrose Agar


MS - standard baseline for plant medium
MS-NT - for production of pathogenic E. coli intimin in NT1 tobacco

For Roots:
B5 - for root cultures
B5+2,4D - for suspension cultures
CIM - H. muticus callus induction media
M-CIM - modified CIM for N. glutinosa
M-SIM - transgenic shoot induction media
MXB - MS-B5 Hybrid
PBA - for 'hairless' root culture
RIM - root induction medium
SIM - Shoot induction media

For Tomato:
MS-TSI - MS Tomato Shoot Induction 
MS-TRI - MS Tomato Root Induction
MS-TCI - MS Tomato Callus Induction

For Duckweed:
Hunters - for axenic culture 2% R2A is added to 'promote' contaminant growth

For Theobroma cacao:
ED - for embryo development
PCG - for Primary Callus Growth 
SCG - for Secondary Callus Growth 

For Manihot esculenta (cassava):
CASV-GD - maintain embryogenic calli
CASV-MSN - somatic embryo emerging
CASV-CEM- shoot elongation
CASV-CBM- basic shoot culture

For Dioscorea cayenensis (yam):
YAM - multiplication media

For Dioscorea rotundata (yam):
YCPM - callus proliferation media
YBM - Yam Basic Media
YEMM - Yam Embryo Maturation Media
YEGM - Yam Embryo Germination Media

For Musa spp. (AAB):
BANA - for solid/liquid maintenance

AG - Arabidopsis media
Pot-Mod - Modified Potato medium
REP-potato - Replicase transgenic potato medium
WSIM - for watermelon
SW - Sweet Potato Shoot Culture
TCS - Tomato cell suspension