ARPA-E Innovation Summit 2012

The ARPA-E Innovation Summit is a BIG event that included speakers such as Bill Gates, Bill Clinton Steven Chu, and others.
Several of the keynote speakers talks are available online.  Dr Curtis and John Pisciota presented a POSTER and demonstration table that was part of a several hundred table exhibition showcase for the summit.  

Slideshow of Pictures on the Poster:   

Technology Handout Sheets  

We provided handouts at the meeting on various developing technology and progress to date:

 AutotropihnatorA device for quantitative measurements of growth kinetics and yield under autotrophic conditions.  This includes 'electrolysis on demand' delivery of gas based on constant pressure in the vessel.  
 BiocathodeA microbial cathode which has demonstrated the ability of microorganisms from marine sediments to accept electrons as a energy source to fix CO2.
 Optical Density CellThis OD flow cell has been developed to obtain culture density information in an actively growing culture non-invasively up to a very high densities (15+ gDW/L).
 Plastic Bag Bioreactor To keep capital and operating costs low, we proposal to use a Low-Cost Plastic Bag Trickle Bioreactor system.   We have numerous patents that cover the basic design and operation of such a simple but scalable bioreactor system. 

VIDEOS of Demonstrations

OUR FUEL:  Burning Botryococcus algae

Botry Biofuel



OD Flow Cell

OD Cell

BioCathode Video:  


Other Related Links:

Curtis, W.R., Growing cells in a reservoir formed of a flexible sterile plastic liner, U.S. Patent # 6,709,862, March 23, 2004.

Curtis, W.R., Method and apparatus for aseptic growth or processing of biomass, U.S. Patent # 6,245,555, June 12, 2001.