Paulo Joadi Guerra Lima de Medeiros

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I am fourth year undergraduate in Chemical Engineering in Brazil. I am participating in the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program called Science Without Borders. As a part of my exchange program, I am taking one year of studies at The University of New Mexico, and currently I am in the Curtis Lab to work on a research project during the summer. In Brazil I have worked mainly on two research projects: (1) Solubility and study of the reaction of transesterification of Glycerol/Ethylhexanol system (participation as: scholarship scientific initiation); (2)  Study of  the supercritical extraction of Rumex acetosa roots, evaluating the performance of such extraction process at different temperatures (participation as: scholarship scientific initiation). I also have a technical degree in buildings.  




Solubility and Study the Reaction of Etherification of Glycerol/Ethylhexanol System - XXIV Congress of Scientific Initiation (2013, UFRN, Brazil)



Contact Information:

(505) 289 7231