Nymul Khan


I am a PhD student in Curtis group (joined October 2010). My B.S. in Chemical Engineering was from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2006 and M.S. (also in ChE) from North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, NC in 2010.

Research Project:

My project is related to the development of economically feasible bioreactor for the production of biofuels from genetically engineered Rhodobacter. This project is a collaborative work among research groups of Dr. Wayne Curtis, Dr. Bruce Logan (PSU) and Dr. Joe Chappell (UKy). Rhodobacter is capable of efficient aerobic chemolithoautotrophic growth using CO2 and H2. The goal of the project is to convert electricity form photovoltaics to botryococcene via H2 & O2. Different aspect of the project includes studying the biological and process kinetic analysis, economic feasibility, bioreactor development for autotrophic growth and efficient H2 utilization, genetically engineering isoprene production pathways into Rhodobacter and exploring the capability of electromixotrophic growth by direct feeding of electrons.


Y. G. Adewuyi and N. E. Khan. Modeling the Ultrasonic Cavitation-Enhanced Removal of Nitrogen Oxide in a Bubble Column Reactor. AIChE J, Online, 2011.

N. E. Khan and Y. G. Adewuyi. A new method of analysis of peroxydisulfate using ion chromatography and its application to the simultaneous determination of peroxydisulfate and other common inorganic ions in a peroxydisulfate matrix. J. Chroma. A, 1218, 392-397 (2011).

N. E. Khan and Y. G. Adewuyi. Absorption and Oxidation of Nitric Oxide (NO) by Aqueous Solutions of Sodium Persulfate in a Bubble Column Reactor. Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 49, 8749-8760 (2010).

M. A. Rahman and N. E. Khan. Study of an Evaporation System for Sodium Hydroxide Solution. J. Chem. Eng. Inst. Engineers, Bangladesh, 24, 1, 35 (2006).


N.E. Khan  Rhodobacter as a platform for autotrophic fuel production,  AIChE National Conference, Pittsburgh PA, Oct. 29 2012.  

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