Moez Essajee



I am a junior undergrad in Chemical Engineering working in Curtis Lab since Spring 2017. I am a part of the Schreyers Honors College, and am the sitting President of the National Honors Society for Chemical Engineers.

I am interested in plant biochemistry and have done basic work with root cultures, embryo transplants, and the creation of media. My current focus resides with temporary immersion bioreactors (TIB) which are used for the propagation of various plant species (cacao, yams, etc.). I am working towards improving the efficiency and productivity of the TIB process through the idea of string condenser theory, a theory which states hydrophilic entities present in a water vapor saturated environment can reduce the vapor pressure of its surroundings by controlling sites of condensation.

Specific to TIB, my goal is to address the current problems of static head and pressure fluctuations within the reactor. Based on my supposition that this is caused by condensation of water vapor at the output air/CO2 filter, I am designing experiments with pressure sensors to confirm the root cause of the problem and hopefully simultaneously demonstrate successful mitigation of the problem with introduction of a hydrophilic string to promote condensation away from the air filter. Skills I am developing include (but are not limited to): programming with Arduino, aseptic tissue culture, experimental design, soldering.


Thesis Project: TBD

Current lab work: Assist in the maintenance of the current TIB set-ups being run, as well as run experimental trials on string condenser theory. Involved with Arduino and soldering processes.





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