Marcia Rodrigues



I am a senior exchange student majoring in Environmental Engineering. I received a one-year scholarship from the Brazilian government to study abroad. I first started to study at the Northern Arizona University, joining Dr. Curtis' team for the 2015 Summer. I will be part of the “algae team” which focuses on hydrocarbon production. Our first goal is to isolate axenic cultures of the Botryococcus braunii algae. I have some background with environmental analysis which provided me some experience with microbiology, but this is going to be my first experience with research. My interests outside the lab are hiking, photography, art and movies, traveling, and learning.


Dr. Curtis’ algae project aims to produce economically-feasible biofuels from algae. I will focus on isolating Botryococcus braunii in order to obtain axenic cultures of this microorganism.

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