Hamdan Almarzooqi


I started “traveling back and forth” to the United States in 2011 to attend a college preparation program at GA Tech, then pursue a Chemical Engineering degree. Penn State was one of my best bets in the list of US Universities that I wanted to attend. Today, I am a 5th year senior Chemical Engineering student at PSU with two minors in Engineering Entrepreneurship and Italian. I also speak Arabic fluently, in addition to very little Persian and Hindi.  

I am originally from the United Arab Emirates ( UAE ), the City of Abu Dhabi. And My hometown is Nahel (Check out the google maps photos!! )... The one and only fun I would like to have is traveling and exploring. I also like to watch Bollywood movies aka Indian movies. You should watch some, They are really funny! ( if you get the jokes ). I would like to go on hikes at some point before I leave Penn State.


In Fall 2015, I had the opportunity to work at BAE Systems in the United Kingdom as a Material Engineer in the ONLY Chemistry lab in the company. In the lab I was able to demonstrate/use some useful lab techniques. Some are: Modulated Differential Scanning Calorimetry (MDSC), IR Spectroscopy, Hydrogen Analyzer, Metal Treatment Baths Analysis. Other useful courses were Six Sigma Green Belt training, LEAN, Media training. In addition to other courses and techniques that I do not recall at this moment. Great Experience and Great people!!




Full Undergraduate Sponsorship from the UAE Government.

Contact Information:  

Email: almarzooqi.hamdan@gmail.com


Phone: +1(404)-444-1599