David Samson


I originally hail from New Jersey (and somehow still long for it after all this time!). I recently completed my B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park and root for the Terps even when they play Penn State. During my time at UMD, I worked in the metabolic engineering lab of Dr. Ganesh Sriram where I built genome-scale metabolic models of higher plants, and developed analyses on these models to generate hypotheses about their metabolic activity under various seasonal and developmental conditions.

80% of my time outside of lab is spend making or writing music. I play 4 instruments, the main one being the Highland Bagpipes. I love learning about any and all things science (and most things outside of it). In my remaining time, I sing karaoke, play chess, and hang out with friends.


I am working on DARPA Insect Allies Program by engineering bioluminescence capability into plants as a reporter system for gene delivery to plants via deconstructed viruses, which requires no incident light like a fluorescent reporter protein would.

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