Celine Tesvara


I am currently a rising Sophomore, intending to major in Chemical Engineering. I am really interested in energy and environmental engineering, which then led me straight to one of Curtis Lab’s project; algae biofuel.

I started to work in Curtis Lab in this Fall 2015 (one of the New Kids on The Block!). Even though I felt overwhelmed at first, I am very excited. It feels awesome to be able to meet and work with hardworking and dedicated people.


Right now, I am focusing my interest on one of Curtis Lab’s project called, “Hydrothermal Liquefaction on Algae”. I am still learning the basic on doing lab routine, but hopefully in the near future I will be able to start focusing on doing Optical Density with my mentors.




Exceptional Educational Assistance 2014 by Chevron

Contact Information:  cjt5267@psu.edu or celinetesvara@gmail.com or celine.tesvara@curtislab.org