Benjamin Nason


Originally from Massachusetts I am happily a State College transplant. I grew up loving both engineering, design and biology. Despite choosing to study Horticulture over his other interests, I have still made time to keep in touch with my inner designer.

I am kept up at night thinking about developing bio-based solutions for modern problems. I am currently’ living the dream’.


I am currently working on developing a bio-based concrete using genetic modification and multiple organisms to produce proteins that induce calcification of a substrate. This project falls under the larger subject of biomineralization, also being a major topic of interest for me. The aim of the project is to create an equivalent product to concrete with multiple superior qualities.

In my other lab, I am working on A. thaliana nutritional research to further research about Mn toxicity and the physiological response to this particular stress.

In the fall, I will begin my research regarding fungal brick construction and associated variety trials for different strains of fungi. I am looking to find the strongest strain of Basidiomycete for use in sustainable and temporary construction.

When not in lab, I am starting a snack foods business as well as being a officer in the Penn State entrepreneurial group.





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